2018 Events Schedule

While the dates and rides may change this is our current Schedule
Last edited or updated 02/17/2018

Other rides could be announced throughout the year,
check the website often for additions and changes to the ride and event schedule

NOTE: Further details and times for events as well as online signups will be available in the Monthly Calendar
section of the website.  (Located on the top left corner of the Home page.)

*TBA indicated the details and events are "To be announced"

ATV / UTV - indicates all registered ATV's and UTV's are allowed on the ride.
ATV / UTV 50"
indicates only 50" ATV or UTV's are allowed on the ride (due to trail restrictions)
ATV only
indicates no UTV's allowed on the ride (due to land manager requirements)

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 Feb 13th - Membership Meeting
 Feb 17th - CANCELLED - Family ATV/UTV  Athol to Vay cafe for lunch  - Dwayne DUE TO WEATHER FORECAST
 Feb 24th - Dinner out - CDA Pizza Factory - Sandy O'Hagan

March 10th - Family ATV/UTV - Athol and beyond, - Dwayne 
 March 13th - Membership Meeting
 March 24th - 4th of July pass parking to Harrison (provided snow levels allow the ride) -
 March 31st - Dinner Out night - Kings in Spokane - Frank & JoAnn

 April 10th - Membership Meeting
 April 14th - ATV/UTV 4th of July to Snake Pit for lunch - Rich Schott
 April 20th - ATV/UTV Wallace to Avery - Joes Sheasby
 May 8th - Membership Meeting
 May 11-13th - ATV/UTV Campout ride Country Lane Resort to Cougar Peak -  Rich Schott
 May 25-28th Memorial Weekend ATV/UTV Family Campout - Lost Moose Campground - Dennis & Steve

 June 9th - ATV 50" Trail Maintenance 4th of July Pass Parking Trail 800 and others - Larry May
 June 12th - Membership Meeting
 June 16th - Tentative NI ATV FUN RUN WALLACE - Frank
 June 23rd - ATV 50" Trail Maintenance 4th of July Pass Parking Trail 800 and others - Larry May

 July 10th - Membership Meeting
 July 14th - ATV/UTV 50" - Trail 800  - "Stay in your seat ride" - Larry May
 July 21 -  ATV 50" Trail Maintenance 4th of July Pass Parking Trail 800 and others - Larry May
 July 28 -  Extreme Sport 50" ATV/UTV Ride - First 12 machines to sign up only Wallace area - Matt Johnson

 August 10-12th ATV/UTV Family Campout Hawkeye Campground (free)- Huckleberry Festival in MT - Frank
 August 14th - Membership Meeting 
 Aug 20-22th - ATV / UTV Rolling Campout - Robert Hopkins
 Aug 24-26 - Calder Campout Tentatively, Huckleberry Campground  Host TBA.

 Sept 11th - Membership Meeting 
 Sept 15th  - ATV/UTV Ride - Bunco to Whiskey Rock for a club supplied BBQ - Otto
 Sept 29th - Short Time Distance ride and then onto riding Wallace area - Matt Johnson  
 Oct 6th - ATV/UTV Ride Mullan, Id (Snowmobile Parking Lot) to Montana Bar & Grill in Montana - Frank
 Oct 9th - Membership Meeting
 Oct 20th -Slate Creek to Avery Ride  - Joe Sheasby
 November 13th - Membership Meeting
 Nov ? - Rides to be announced

 December 1st - Year End / Christmas Party TBA - Location to be Announced
 December 11th - Membership Meeting Cancelled

Additional Events, rides, and Night outs to be posted as information becomes available.

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