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***Urgent*** Aug 3rd Lost Moose ride.
Published on: 6/28/2019
Lost Moose has blacked out their reservations for NIATV Club members for this ride but will open them to the public soon. Sign up and contact them ASAP!
This is entirely my fault and I openly apologize for the delay in getting this ride posted.
Joe Sh.
Trail Maintenance
Published on: 6/17/2019
On Sat, June 15, Dennis Falconer, Kaiden Solomon, Steve Powers, Larry May, Joe and Glenda Winters, Dave Haugen, Michelle Gallaway, and Joe Sheasby, cleared one mile of brush off of trail 999. Also thanks to Jeannie Falconer, Kristin Solomon, and Bev Powers and excellent lunch was served after the trail work.

We have approximately 4 more miles to go to finish trail 999. We also have some work that needs to be done on trail 800. So we need all the help we can get. Our next trail maint is Thursday June 27 and then again on Sunday June 30.
Honey Badger Story Board
Published on: 6/14/2019
Information on the Honey Badger Project
Disappearing Rides.
Published on: 6/12/2019
There has been significant confusion with the new Calendar of Events format. "FYI" events (parades, state fair, etc.) were being confused with "NIATV Sponsored Events" (actual Club Rides). I have pulled many items from the Calendar and will be requesting clarification on them. Going forward, "FYI" events will be posted in the Forum Section. Sorry for any trouble this has caused, we're all still in a learning curve here.
2019 Memorial day campout
Published on: 6/4/2019
2019 Memorial Day campout
Well another Memorial Day weekend camp out is in the books. This year marked our 8th year at Lost Moose campground. I can not thank Lost Moose enough for letting the club take over the campground for the weekend.
Well the weekend started off a little wet. Friday it rained all day which meant NO DUST on Saturday. The ride left with about 40 rigs. A little damp at the start because we were in the clouds or fog, so the views were not great this time, but the waterfalls were awesome We did a raffle during the ride with lotto tickets and prizes to go along with the chili cook off on Sunday. The club bought all the kids ice cream at Tall Pines. That night about 80 people ate pulled pork sandwiches and potluck till we were stuffed.
Sunday morning brought out the huckleberry pancakes, bacon and scramble eggs yum. Then a little ride around lost girl led by Fred and April of Lost Moose. The views were a lot better on Sunday. The chili cook off was gre
Welcome to the new North Idaho ATV Website!
Published on: 5/17/2019
Rules of the Road
Published on: 3/21/2019
NIATV wants to remind all members and guests that we follow the State and Federal regulations as they pertain to our sport. For all riding on public roads, this includes Forest Service roads, machines need to be registered, carry liability insurance, and all riders under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets. We have put together the following list for you to further explore some of the rules we all need to follow: